Options for Joining the Population Health Network

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Organizations can join the Population Health Network through individual memberships or as part of a group of organizations within a custom learning collaborative.

1.  Individual Memberships.  Single organizations can join the Network through an individual agreement with Community Health Solutions.  Each agreement includes 12 months of access to Network learning supports.  We offer this option to all of our consulting clients at no additional charge.  

2. Community Collaboratives.  Multiple organizations that work in the same community can form a collaborative to learn and implement specific capabilities for community health improvement.  Recent examples include a community collaborative for learning and implementing the chronic care model, and another for learning and implementing best practices in early childhood screening and referral.  These initiatives are typically funded by the participants, regional foundations, or public grant funding.

3. Association Collaboratives.  Multiple organizations that are members of an association can form a collaborative to learn and implement specific capabilities for population health improvement.  Recent examples include one association that formed a custom learning collaborative for patient centered medical home development, and another that formed a collaborative to develop strategies for operating in the new environment of health care reform.   These initiatives are typically funded by the association, its members, private grant funding, or public grant funding.

4. Leadership Institutes.  Multiple organizations from one or more sectors may form a learning collaborative to help participants learn and implement specific leadership capabilities.  Recent examples include statewide institutes for physicians, nurses, and interdisciplinary care teams.  These initiatives are typically funded by the participants, associations, or grant funding.

Whatever the focus of the learning collaborative, members receive customized learning and consulting supports to help the collaborative members achieve their particular objectives. Supports are delivered through a dedicated, secure website designed to meet the needs of the collaborative members. Content and expertise are developed from a range of sources as necessary, depending on the objectives of the collaborative.


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